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African Safari Programs are Ideal for:
Summer Programs
Book fairs
Cultural Diversity
Music Fairs
Safari Week
Art Workshops
Black History
Enrichment Programs


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Ms. Kahura on the Texas Commission of Arts Site

Jambo! (Hello)

My name is Elizabeth Kahura the founder of the African Safari Program. I was born in East Africa, in a country called Kenya. I am a storyteller, performer, singer and an educator.

African  ProgramsAn educator, Elizabeth Kahura

"An Educational and inspiring program that brings out the feeling of Africa"

Growing up in a traditional African village, I learned everyone has a specific role to fill in order to make the community successful. Applying this knowledge to my performances, I share the importance of cultural values, how they influence our identities, and the interdependence of the individuals with the community. Concepts like the power to dream, character development, and self-empowerment come to life.

Through music, performing arts, storytelling literature, and original pictures, the audience actively participates in the feeling of Africa. They learn how cultural richness of the African lifestyle. At the end of each performance the audiences are able to identify the similarities and differences within and among cultures in various world societies. They also learn how good moral values can be shared from one culture to another. Concepts like the power to dream, character development, and self-empowerment come to life during the performances.

For more information and booking, please contact Elizabeth Kahura at (512) 826-0756.

Requirements for performance:

  1. A performance area of at least 25’ wide x 12’ deep.
  2. Power outlet.
  3. Three long tables to place presentation props.
  4. A screen for a short PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Microphone for sound projection.
  6. Students may be seated on floor or in rows of chairs.

Access to performance area for set-up and sound check needed 45 minutes before performance begins.