Special Enrichment Programs

World Holidays/Kwanzaa

Merry Christmas! Heri ya krismasi!

Happy Kwanzaa! Heri ya kwanzaa!

Diversity and inclusion Workshops

As a teacher, storyteller, and performer, my goal is to promote KINDNESS and the importance of Embracing Diversity. This program can be tailored for students of all ages, teachers, and the public as a whole.


Kiswahili Language Workshops


This is an introductory Kiswahili language course for students who have had little or no previous lessons at all. The course stresses proficiency in the spoken language; hence, classes will be based on real-life experiences and everyday events. This course comprises 12 instructional sessions.


 By the end of this course, each student will demonstrate oral and written evidence of acquisition of:

a)      Basic skills in performing day-to-day interactions such as greetings, interpersonal conversations, and comprehension in Kiswahili.

b)      Use of simple communicative grammatical constructions.

c)      Appreciation of basic cultural practices of Swahili-speaking people.