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Raving Reviews

"I wanted to introduce you to Elizabeth Kahura. She has done enrichment for our ASPIRE program for almost a year now and we have found her services to be so rewarding for our students. She does a very interactive enrichment assembly on the culture of Africa. It ties in very nicely with the TEKS around culture and social studies. The students LOVE it. I know we always talk about sharing resources, so I wanted to be sure to pass her information on to you. We have also used her for summer programming which has been quite successful as well."

-M. Dewana Thompson, Ph.D.

Parent Program Coordinator 

" On a scale of 1-10 you are 11" 

-a 3rd-grade student

"The kids love you and they are always looking forward to your coming."

-Principal Of Great Oaks Elementary

"If these children are ever to go on a real African safari, they can at least say hello (jambo), but for now Elizabeth Kahura is bringing Africa and its lessons to them. Kahura teaches the importance of diversity and embracing everyone's culture"

-TV News 8 Austin

"The students and adults enjoyed your performance. they loved the story about the village and being able to dress in authentic African clothing"

-Tonjua Coleman, Facilitator 

(After school program)